The Use of LEDs As Daytime Running Lights

Since the introduction of the automobile, lighting has remained an integral part of cars. Since the beginning, headlight design has morphed from the original utilitarian design to a more aesthetically pleasing one while at the same time improving in technology. The introduction of daytime running lights within the headlight housing to the automotive mainstream has been largely a hit because of safety reasons. The use of LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs for those daytime running lights is even more of an improvement.

Daytime running lights are automatically turned on as soon as the vehicle starts to move, emitting light to increase the conspicuity of the vehicle during daylight driving conditions. They improve safety by reducing crashes because when these lights are on, they make it easier for the approaching vehicle that is far away to notice you better. They grab the driver’s attention faster than cars without them. If LED’s are used, they even look brighter.

Aside from safety reasons, LEDs as daytime running lights look cool especially on newer, exotic cars. All new Audis, including the R8, A5, S5, A4, etc. use LEDs in the headlight housing in a pattern similar to that of the swoosh from Nike. Porsche 911 uses them as well, but they are placed closer to the front bumper. As far as aesthetics, these LEDs make the exterior lines appear to have been drawn to perfection especially on Audi’s.

LEDs consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. They produce less heat. They can turn on in milliseconds. They even last much longer than incandescent. They are here to stay and are the wave of the future.

Some manufacturers that produce LEDs for the automotive and other industries are: Sylvania, Hella, iLight Technologies,Gmak and Osram.

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