History of LED Lights

The history of LED lights is not very old. LED lights were first identified at the beginning of 20TH century by a Russian researcher Oleg V. Losev. As a profession he was a radio technician and one day he observed the diodes used in radio transmission, emits lights when electricity passes through them. His finding went without any commercial interest for long as no immediate benefits was advised and researched.

Later, the father of light emitting diodes, Nick Holonayk started his research and development on the LED. Apparently at the beginning of 1970, Nick managed to improvise the invention of Oleg. Nick is the first one to increase the brightness of LED and he also proved the coloring of these lights. Yellow and red LED lights are the contribution of him. Later on more researchers and scientists were made involved in the development and performance enhancement of the LED lights. The effort resulted in much brighter LED lights as well as more variation in their colors. With the increasing scope of commercial use resulting from the research and development by many people, LED lighting became essential for optical fiber communication structure. Still today, many telecommunications companies are using LED on their optical fiber network.

As the research and development process went on, it is observed that LED technology in fact is the most efficient lighting technology. It ensures better visibility, clearer light for less power consumption. For such benefits of LED, many industries draw their interest on it for customization as per their needs. Eventually, LED became an elementary part for TV, Automobiles, Telecommunication, Roads, Transport systems etc. The customization by industries were not so smooth. Many of them had to experience the heat release issue and some had to stick with only one color of the LED. Since it is human nature, all the initial limitations were responded scientifically and enhanced. It is for this reason that LED is in your watches even. As a matter of fact, you possibly cannot find any automobiles or vehicles that do not come without LED lighting.

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