Introducing Car LED Light Bulbs

The LED or Light Emitting Diode came up after a series of inventions, by redefining how light should be emitted. From the age of candle light to the realities of Edison’s light bulb, the tungsten coiled filament has been ruling for decades.

LED bulbs are made from semi semiconductors and it gains more popularity because of its major advantages over a typical tungsten light filament lights. Inventors were able to design a model that could work with car headlamp and it is called Car Led light bulbs.

It has some advantages over a typical incandescent or tungsten light bulb and the advantages are:

·         Its life span is ten times longer than an incandescent light bulb.

·         Because it does not have a filament, they are more durable than a normal incandescent light, therefore last longer.

·         It is very rugged and can always withstand hard condition becuase it does not have a filament that can easily fall off.

·         Car LED light bulbs consume very little energy because it requires less power and can have an average of 10000 watts per hours.

·         A typical car LED light can achieved brightness in a microseconds that a conventional incandescent light.

·         Car LED light bulbs transmission rate can easily be adjusted by using a MODEM.

·         Car LED light will rather grow dim or there is a reduced in the illumination level rather that the filament burning out likes an incandescent bulbs.

·         LED can be designed to direct its light horizontally or focused but incandescent light cannot only be manipulated to focus its light .

·         LED light does  not contain any mercury therefore the issue of toxicity is virtually impossible.

·         It has an improved flexibility in operation, because of its smaller size and it flexibility.

Meanwhile, every invention comes with its own peculiar disadvantages or the other, as result of this Car LED light too has it its own fair share of the demerits:

Because it is a latest invention that is just coming into the market, it is therefore more expensive that the original conventional light bulbs from halogen.

Car LED lights operation depends on its operating environment, therefore, at a very high temperature above the room temperature, the major functional component can be affected.  Therefore, overheating can result to failure in the operation of the devices. These defects can affect the credibility of a device that is supposed to be functioning with accurate precision.

Car LED light require a very high voltage to function and as such it is more of a capacitors and resistors dependents, rather than a simple circuits.

Because of the colorful transmission of its lights, the illuminations so reflected have been observed to be of inferior quality to the original rays of the sun. Therefore the rays of light generated cannot be seen as a perfect reflection of the original.

The blue and white LED lights generated have been observed to constitute a health hazard because of it’s over reflective nature therefore it does not pass the safety standard set by the constituted environmental regulatory body.

Because car LED lights pattern of reflection is constant, therefore it cannot be used where a reflection that is divergence or convergence in nature  is required.

Blue LED light has also been observed to cause more light pollution that any other light generating appliances. Therefore, it should be operated under a very safe condition.

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